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The first thing you notice when looking at SAN CARLO suits, sport coats or tuxedos is the obvious quality, the stitching, the natural roll of the lapel and the overall attention to detail. Then you touch the fabric and realize this is no ordinary garment. The fabrics used are truly magnificent. Fine fabrics are only part of the story. There are over two hundred steps to produce a quality jacket and one hundred and fifty to produce a single trouser. 

SAN CARLO uses a very high level of workmanship at every step, by skilled and experienced individuals with years of experience. When you try one on, all of these elements come together and instantly becomes a part of you to create a lasting impression. You will be surprised how well these garments fit, right off the rack with a minimum of alterations.

We also offer a made to measure program for hard to fit sizes. With few exceptions our expert alterations are included with every garment.


We are very proud to introduce GIOVANNI TACCALITI to the Washington Area.

This Italian manufacturer produces true sartorial shirts in the finest high twist cotton available anywhere. This artisan shirt maker cuts each shirt individually for a near custom shirt experience, bringing the shirt buying experience to a whole new level.

To fully appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the construction of these shirts and the superior quality of the fabrics require a personal visit.


BRAX is Europe's largest pant manufacturer and is known for its 5 pocket casual, yet sophisticated pants.

This is modern fashion with quality craftsmanship. Comfort is always paramount along with a great fit.



From very humble beginnings in 1928, ETON has grown to become one of the largest men's shirt manufacturers. Their distinctive shirts are of the highest quality and we are proud to carry many of their limited edition shirts each season.

ETON also offers a complete made to measure program. With individual sizing and your own choice of fabrics, buttons, collars, and cuffs you get superbly tailored shirts made with sartorial sense and Swedish craftsmanship.



REMY is a true American brand manufacturing fine leather garments for men and women. From the selection of the skins to the finished product and all steps in between, the entire process takes place in their own U.S. factory.




GIMO'S Leather was established in 1968 in San Martino di Lupari, Italy. They produce magnificent high quality fashion leathers for men and women. GIMO'S leather jackets are found in the finest fashion boutiques throughout the world.




TORRAS was founded in 1951 in Barcelona, Spain. They have created an innovative concept of leather and knit fashion for men who love exclusiveness and elegance. They make unforgettable garments for consumers who demand the best.



SCHNEIDERS was established in 1946 in Salzburg, Austria. The company produces stylish and exclusive fashions that combine tradition with a modern touch. Use of the finest materials reflects the essence of true class; unobtrusive luxuriousness that reveals itself at second glance.



Amadeo Ferrante established this recognized knitwear firm in Abruzzo in central Italy in the mid 1960s. FERRANTE is known for its innovative fashion trends and attention to detail. Their sweaters are lightweight using all natural fibers.


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Products 2



MIRTO is based in Madrid, Spain and produces very high quality shirts. Each garment requires more than 18 different pieces of cloth and more than 80 independently controlled processes. Elements of the shirts are sewn together using 7 stitches per centimeter to create these masterpieces.


We scour the globe to bring you the finest menswear available. EMANUEL BERG shirts is one example. The handwork done on these shirts are of impeccable quality. The seams and panels are sewn flawlessly. The buttons are mother of pearl and the fabrics are among the finest we have seen.





Began in 1952 by four brothers from the small Italian village of San Egidio Alla Vibrata. GRAN SASSO has since evolved into a major knitwear company in Italy and all international markets. They use old world craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques to create beautiful high quality fine gauge knitwear.



STONE ROSE offers the perfect casual shirt for any occasion. From distinctive colors and patterns and a variety of collar styles. Great design is a hallmark of STONE ROSE.


In an era of mass production SILVIO FIORELLO is a rare exception. Each and every tie is in pure silk and completely handmade

from start to finish. The result is a magnificent necktie made with pride in the hills of Sicily.


Products 3

Products 3


AGAVE jeans are designed and crafted in California. They use the highest quality denim from around the world and complete the manufacturing and washing process here in America. Our entire collection of Agave jeans feature premium stretch denim fabrics to ensure a great fit and total comfort.




The same quality and attention to detail found in TUMI luggage is now available in TUMI outerwear. High tech fabrics and great style will take you anywhere in total comfort.














KLEINBERG designs and manufactures fine quality belts in the United States. From exotic skins to soft and supple calfskin their workmanship and detail is second to none.




SANYO is an innovative outerwear company producing contemporary coats. They feature a variety of water repellent fabrics with removable insulated liners in the latest styles. SANYO is an affordable luxury brand bringing quality, design, and function to men's outerwear.




Mario Bresciani established his hosiery factory in Mantova, Italy. The company's attention to detail begins with the selection of the finest natural yarns. Rigorous quality control, highly skilled workmanship (all socks are hand linked) and computer technology ensure that their products meet the highest standards.


DENTS was established in Worcester, England in 1777. The company continues to employ traditional glove making skills relying on the hand and eye of the true craftsman to create its fine gloves. There are up to 52 different components to be cut and sewn to create one pair of gloves.